Without CO2 emissions, without fossil fuels and with minimum consumption of electric energy

Solinterra doesn't need a classic central heating or heat pump for cooling, heating and air-conditioning. It only exploits solar and geothermal energy for functioning. PV panels are built in the roof, and they absorb solar energy and store it in the underground storage tank, which is under the facility. This underground storage tank returns the heat to the outer walls of the facility under the thermal insulation and creates a thermal barrier. Water with the temperature from 18 to 24 (.C) is regularly supplied in the thermal barrier. This method prevents external colds from invading in winter and heat entering the building in summer. With the thermal barrier, we can effectively maintain the internal temperature of the building no matter what the temperature is outside. The system operates when the outside temperatures are from -60 ºC to + 60 ºC, maintaining an optimal temperature of between 22 and 26 ºC inside.


In modern buildings, ventilation is more important nowadays than heating or cooling. Fifty years ago, installing the central heating in houses was a priority, but nowadays ventilation devices are taking over that place. Now, you hardly find a modern facility without a ventilation system. Solinterra therefore also includes air-conditioning system, which is also based on lower energy consumption, when it is necessary for the cold outside air to heat up or to cool down in the summer. In this way, through the free energy of the earth and the sun, we further increase the efficiency of the ventilation system. That way, very little or almost no additional power is required to heat or cool the air for ventilation.

For optimal performance of the Solinterra® system and the best comfort and stay, the system consists of the following elements:

  • Solar panels
  • Warm underground storage tank
  • Exploiting the coolness of the earth for cooling
  • Thermal barrier
  • A ventilation system by using the heat or cold of the earth
  • System for warming up sanitary water
  • Installation of hybrid PV panels which produce electric energy
  • Activation of concrete core and concrete mass


For optimally and reliable service, a control system can monitor and store all data through the WEB SCADE. 

The system requires a few temperature sensors as well as regulating valves and circulation pumps for working.  The system has fully automatic operation. It optimally uses renewable energy sources and continually ensures the comfort of living in the facility. 

On this wise, the system can be reliable, because the system's control is adaptable.  We developed the steering system in cooperation with the IKU, d. o. o. company from Novo mesto. 

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