Company Dulc is the official partner and representative of the system Isomax Terrasol. In 2008 we got familiar with innovations on ISH fair in Frankfurt. We also built many residential houses in Slovenia up until then. 

Since the system was initially more focused on individual residential houses, we decided to work together with the I-vitest and Inoveks institutes. Our main goal was to find a solution for smaller and larger buildings. 

The beginnings of the development of the new Solinterra system were primarily focused on monitoring and calculating. We also focused on its feedback in practice, on advantages and disadvantages. Main features and validations of the system were also monitored by parallel operation on computer simulation programs, where we compared actual data with computer simulations simultaneously.  Development of the new Solinterra system convinced us to start developing our computer program. We wanted a program that would calculate the demand for heating and cooling for any individual building and would consider different climate zones.  

This computer program assists us, and it can calculate energy consumption (heating, cooling) for a particular building. It can also recommend the size of the warm storage tank and how many solar collectors you need.  

This computer program made it easier (for us) to come up with the final solutions. Many years of development led us to the achievement of our goal; establishing the first major facility with such a system. Our goal came to fruition in 2013, when the MIC High School was built in Nova Gorica; the first in Slovenia and the only one in the world with the Solinterra® system.

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