Solinterra offers you many benefits, that's why many people claim it is a system of the future. 

After the initial investment, the costs of heating, cooling and air-conditioning are only about 50-120€ per year for a house of a size 100-250m2. The system is also economically justified for more prominent buildings because the savings are even higher. 

System's priority is to exploit renewable energy resources for cooling and heating, which means that the system entirely uses more than 80% of renewable energy sources for working. If PV panels are added to the system, it becomes self-sufficient (autonomous houses), which means that all obtained energy (100%) is from renewable energy sources. 

Without building pollution, without CO2 emissions and ecologically the most friendly system in the world. 

  • Passive solar and geothermal energy is used for cooling and heating
  • The system enables short construction time, and with low expenses, at the same time
  • It includes patented systems of installation for the individual energy elements
  • You also get a renewable energy source at your facility, which can be used for warming the sanitary water up during the whole year
  • It doesn't produce any CO2 emissions while operating
  • There are 15 times less CO2 emissions
  • Ecologically most friendly system
  • An inexhaustible source of energy
  • 100% renewable energy sources
  • Long life expectancy
  • COP (coefficient of performance) for heating 8-10
  • COP for cooling 10-13
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