Origins/Beginnings of the idea and development of Solinterra goes back to ancient times, where Romans already used double walls, so-called Trombe walls. They used saunas and baths as well. They burned logs under the facility so the heat and the smoke ascended around/beside double walls and warmed up the inside wall and consequently the whole area/(living) space was heated. 

Physicist Edmond D. Krecke was fascinated by this Roman heating system, and he wanted to introduce something similar to the modern world. The center of his thinking was the question 'How to execute a construction which will prevent leakage of energy from the facility and will provide the best possible conditions for a living?' 


Solinterra system is a product of its development and upgrade of the system called Isomax. We built our first facilities with the Isomax system. Through the years, we improved and changed our original policy, and today we are offering a better and upgraded system called Solinterra. 

Solinterra is the only system of its sort with such energy concept, efficiency and that low energy consumption for working. 

Consequently, Solinterra brought a real revolution because it presents a very economical alternative to the traditional heating and climatic systems. It also ensures lower start-up expenses for placement and practically zero operational expenses after installation. 

Solinterra offers energy-independent technology for all different types of constructions. (e.g. from regular houses and block of flats to business spaces, production halls, hotels, schools, hospitals)

Technology is appropriate for new buildings as well as for energetic rebuilding of older constructions. Energetic reconstruction takes more time and caution for implementation. 


  • Low temperature swings (because of the thermal barrier)
  • U-value: outer wall 0.09 - roof 0.08
  • The thermal barrier in the outer wall for winter and yearly operation
  • Solar collectors which absorb the warmth of the sun
  • Stratifying temperature method for storing heat under the ground
  • Underground storage tank for controlled usage of solar and geothermal energy
  • Cold underground collector out of underground storage tank with the temperature from 8 to 14 degrees Celsius. (.C) for cooling
  • Activation of the building's concrete core for long-lasting and stable operation of the system with the lowest energy consumption possible (it also doesn't affect the environment)
  • Air-conditioning based on exploiting waste heat or warmth/coldness of the earth
  • Up to 98% of recuperation’s efficiency and acquisition of energy from cold/warm underground storage tank
  • Middle underground storage tank for warming sanitary water up to 50 degrees Celsius (.C)
  • Expansion is possible with hybrid PV panels which can produce its own electric energy for any needs of the whole house (Therefore the PV panels efficiency increases, because of the heat energy which automatically stores under the ground, the efficiency is so 15-20% per year)
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